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Couple On A Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

The Ride

  • 1-hour and 2-hour private horse-drawn carriage rides available.

    Upgrades Are Available
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Meet and Groom Farm Tour

Come to the barn to meet the Horses of Temecula Carriage Company

Marika Grooming Blossom Kids in Wagon
Entrance to Farm

Meet our carriage horses! -They're a ton of fun!

During this private 1 1/2 hour tour for just your family you will:

Go for a short wagon ride through the vineyards to the farm

Find out what a horse eats- Learn about the diet and nutrition of a horse that is the size of a small car

Pet and Groom one of our carriage horses- a hands on experience.

Learn how we get our horses ready for their day as well as draft horse breeds that do the job.

Braiding and Harnessing demo- Learn about the different types of mane and tail braids and the special bows and ribbons we use for formal events.

Learn what all the hardware and straps do on the harness and how it lets the horse pull the carriage safely and comfortably.

Kid Friendly 1.5 hour Farm Tour Excursion
$120 for your own family of up to 10
Guests must be in good health. Reservations required and available Monday through Thursday

For more information call (844) 369-1852.